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Baby Photography

Newborn & Maternity Photography

Newborn Photography:
Crinkled, sleepy eyes. A little button nose. Tiny hands and feet that curl around your fingers.
It can be hard to appreciate these delicate details in the tiring nights after bringing your new-born into this world. But sometimes the smallest moments are also the most precious. And we wouldn’t miss them for the world! The ideal time to have a photoshoot for your new-born is before they are two weeks of age, to capture that silent moment when time itself seems to stop to adore your snuggled, sleeping baby.

Baby Photography:
At three to six months, you start to see your baby learning and developing a range of expressions, from wide-eyed wonder to sunny smiles that melt your cares away. Now your baby is more comfortable being propped up or posed on a rug. Be sure to capture these frames, because they slip away faster than you can say ‘Peekaboo’!

At six to nine months, your baby is starting to recognise the people and things around them. Their emotions and relationships really grow – maybe a goofy, toothless grin for dad, and a warm, tender smile for mum. Complement the irresistible delight on their chubby cheeks with some clothes or toys to bring out their personality.

At nine to twelve months, your baby is full of energy – crawling, exploring, and making their tentative first steps. This is a great time to have a baby photoshoot at your family’s favourite outdoor setting.

At one year, it’s a moment of reflection and celebration. What a year it’s been! All the stress and effort, made undoubtedly worthwhile by your treasured bundle of joy. Make sure you capture this fantastic milestone in your lives together. It’s the start of something amazing.