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Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photographers in Auckland

In most of our actions, we should focus on the return on investment, rather than cutting down on expenses at any cost. Real estate photography is a shining example of an essential minimal investment that when done right, leads to generous returns. Selling a home is for many people one of the most important financial transactions of a lifetime and the right advertising can bump up the price significantly.

We provide photography for really state and we never make compromises on quality, but still meet the needs of those seeking immediate assistance. Our shoots are custom-made and our goal is to make each location look as good as possible, to improve its sell value.

The Perks of Professional Real Estate Photography

Not every man with a camera is a professional photographer and working with our team of experts will only reinforce this statement. We find the best angles, work with retouching and lighting techniques to emphasize only the best features and hide the shortcomings. Our experts take their time and work as if the images were to be published in a popular magazine, so prospective customers are bound to be impressed.

Working with a professional has the advantage of tapping into their immense experience, without doing all the hard work. We know how to find the ideal lighting situations and take multiple photos while using the things available on-site in conjunction with our own props. We pay attention to what the customer requires, so don’t hesitate to let us know which are considered to be the best features of your house.

Postproduction and Image Processing

There is more than meets the eye about photography for really state and our photographers don’t consider their job done after taking the photos. The postproduction process is equally complex, but that’s no concern for the clients as our experts do all the hard work. We process the best images and make them all available, so that the client can go over them and initiate a round of revisiting and retouching.

At this stage, our professionals will deliver photographs that are in pristine condition and can be used as they are. Having said this, we are always open to suggestions, so if you find blemishes that need a quick fix we will take care of them right away. Our high-resolution photographs will help you sell the property at a fair price, but we can also create a book of images for keepsake, if you want such a souvenir.