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Baby’s First Party

Parents, are you still not sure why you need a photographer at your baby’s 1st party? Think no more! Here are the top 5 reasons.

#5     Precious Memory. Since it’s your baby’s first party, of course you would want to remember it. What did you say? The guests can contribute the photographs they take with the devices at the party? Think twice. Your guests are not responsible to capture the event, they are there to attend the celebration. Who is responsible for not capturing your baby blowing out their candle for the first time of their life? By hiring a professional photographer you and your guest can enjoy the party and rest assure that the photographer will capture all the valuable memories. Who knows, your photographer might throw in a photo album that you can give to the grandparents as presents! Surely the grandparents will love it, it’s tangible memory!

#4      Missing the Event. Are you prepared to miss any event in your baby’s first party because you are too busy taking pictures? What’s more than attending all the events creating your very own first hand memories to accompany the photographs? Leave the photographing to the professionals and enjoy the party to its fullest, after all, it is also a party to celebrate your proud achievements as well!

#3      By having a photographer involved, you are not just hiring them for the service, but also their experience. Surely they must have attended many more first parties than yourself. Ask them any questions you may have on how to plan the party, what activities are good to have, or even is generally unsuccessful in baby parties. An experienced photographer also gives you a peace in mind during the party when if there are any minor problems during the party, they may even help you resolve. It’s almost like having a free party coordinator if you want.

#2      You just don’t and won’t have the time. Don’t even think you will have any time on your hands to take a decent photograph of your baby’s 1st party. You will be busy making sure the party is running smoothly, all the guests, big and small, are having fun, there are enough foods, and the party is on schedule. You’ll also be taking care of the star of the party, making sure your baby is happy. With all the hidden stress, there are no way you can capture all the memorable parts of the party. Why not just hire a photographer and that’s one critically important task checked off your list.

#1      It’s the First major event for your baby! What more reason could be more convincing than this one? You want the best for your baby; you want your baby to know how much you love them and the efforts you have put in into their first party. Of course, you would want the best memory. You might not have a photographer in every party, but this one is definitely a must!

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