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How to choose your wedding photographer



Wedding photography is quite different from the other wedding services that you will be getting because you don’t get to see or experience it straight away. You usually won’t get the product until at least a month after your wedding. Wedding photographs are also something that you will always refer back to, something that will become more and more valuable to you as time goes by. Therefore, choosing the right photographer for your wedding becomes quite critical. Here are some “how to choose” key points that we believe are important to getting you the photographer you want.


1. Figure out the style for you and collect reference images

Research the different types of wedding photography styles, there are many different styles such as documentary – shots are not posed and moments are captured; fine art – shots are artsy, may be dramatic and the characteristics of the camera equipment may be used at its extreme to bring out certain effect; traditional portraiture – posed photography usually in front of a meaningful or beautiful background.

Although most wedding photographers do a little of each style, if you do have a preference over which you absolutely love, it definitely pays off to find a photographer that specialises in that particular style. Collect photo examples that you like so you can show them to your photographer later.


2. Meet the photographer

Once you have confirmed the availability of the potential photographer, set up an interview so you can get to know them in person a little bit more. Discuss your wedding plans with them, see if they are as interested in your wedding as you do. What’s worse than to have a photographer who has no interest in your wedding?


3. Ask to see full wedding coverage

The photographs that you see on the photographer’s website or portfolio are most likely the best ones out of the lot. Ask the photographer to show you a few full wedding coverage to get an idea of what kind of photographs the photographer sees as important, and match those against your own. Show the photographer the reference images that you have collected so they understand what kind of photos you are after.

If you are having a cultural wedding, ask the photographer to show you a wedding from your culture. If you have an outdoor wedding, ask the photographer to show you examples from an outdoor wedding. Or if you are having a wedding in a limited light location, ask the photographer to show you something similar. You can then discuss what is important to you and make sure that it will be covered.


4. Test the photographer’s professionalism

Weddings can be stressful and an experienced wedding photographer can help putting you at ease. Before the interview, ask around your married friends for “situations” that had occurred during their wedding day. Bring a few questions that may concern you, such as what happens to the bridal party shots if it rains? What happens if your photo-enthusiastic uncle keeps interfering with the photographer? See what the photographer response is and if their approach is helpful. An experienced photographer should have the ability to resolve these problems smoothly.


5. Personalities OK!

It is critical that you like your photographer! Your photographer must be someone who you are comfortable with, after all, they will be with you almost every minute of your big day, following you around, and most likely taking photographs of you close up as well. If you are not comfortable with your photographer being around you, your photographs will reflect your feelings! And chances are if you like your photographer, your guests will too. There you go, one more step towards a smooth wedding.


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